Caught in the middle- relieving pain and fighting opioid addiction |

 In the life of every physician with a strong interest to reduce the opioid related challenges, they frequently come to hear stories from their kinships and fellows related to the loved ones who either endure through the challenges with opiod addictions or even have gave up their lives struggling from misuse of these opiod based pain killers. Most of the physicians end up with question for how it all begun and yet every now and then the answer appeared not different from others. The individual had been going through severe pain either from trauma or from some intense surgery. The physicians often ask them to start an opioid and then fail to quit.

One of my friend who is the baseball coach and not from the medicine field, have put to light it with precision. He underwent a minor back surgery and was discharged by the 60 tablets of oxycodone. In his experience for the first few days, he had intense pain and he took pain pills as prescribed. As soon as the pain began to minimize only ibuprofen and other lighter dosage were helpful he quit using the Oxycodone.

The difficulty, adverse effects and oxycodone

The story is not new and repeats itself every time, its’ interesting in the light of recent research published in the Jama surgery. The research was a meta analysis that was included with the results of six previous researches by investigating the usage of opioids by patients after number of different surgical procedures. In the days of the opioid epidemic, where we are well aware of the vast majority of medications taken for some of the non-medical usage, or abuse and are most of the times sourced from the family member and friends. The results were astonishing since 42% to 71% of the prescribed opiods were not even used

The real reasons of prescribing the Oxycodone in greater amounts

The basic question is why oxycodone has been prescribed in greater quantities after the surgery is conducted. the scientist believe that there are two explanation, the foremost are the medical practitioners  apparently do not want their patients remain in agony even after the operations

The second reason

Another reason in many states its completely restricted to call in a prescription for an opioid pain medication. Hence the patient has to return to the clinic to get the prescription that is of a great inconvenience to the patient and to the prescriber as well

Allowing a prescription for 60 to 90 medications make strong sense for consideration of this barrier. A number of online pharmacies facilitate the patients to buy oxycodone online without prescription and also provide with electronic prescriptions that might make the unnecessary visits to the doctors’ office to avoid when a refill is required, however, it may take time for buyers to find a reliable online seller and trust for supplying the drugs that are safe real

Moreover, the study conducted as per the JAMA magazine reveals that these huge amounts might be further sufficient than the pills are required

For instance, keep in mind the interesting study conducted by the patients being taken care for an acute extremity fracture. The researchers offer patients with particular pills that carries oxycodone and a small transmitter that gets active in the stomach. The researchers has been able to evaluate when the drug has been taken


The patients were asked to intake for one week of oxycodone. After follow up, the average number of pills taken in were eight. In majority cases the pain was gone in just a trial of days. There was no more requirements of opioids than a few pills for sure less than 15

How one can protect oneself from the over dosage of the opioids

How the general public is protecting themselves from drug abuse. The medical practitioners have the responsibility to educate regarding the risks and benefits of all the treatments offered included once the opioids are prescribed. That might not always occur unfortunately. So here is the advice from the experts;

If you are referred an opioid for a sharp pain following a surgery, first try with the non opioid medications that have been prescribed by the doctor if the pain is still not bearable then you can buy oxycodone 40mg online without prescription  if the pain is beyond bearable.

So by the end have a discussion with your medical practitioner regarding the number of pills you might be required to take in the first place prior to take a prescription of oxycodone.  Being well aware about safe usage of oxycodone might prevent dependence and ultimately save your life