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fake xanax
Xanax is a drug most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression. It is no secret that doctor or physicians around the world highly prescribe this drug to people suffering from anxiety, depression as well as panic attacks. If you have had depression for a long time or occasional panic attacks then you should consult with your physician who will prescribe the right dose of Xanax that is suitable for you. Nowadays, Xanax is extensively bought via the internet by the consumers from the online pharmacies without any prescription.

A smart person knows what drug bought from roadside vendors can do to you. Drugs or prescribed medicines sold on the black market or the streets are not to be trusted in any way. Xanax is another drug that is being sold on the black market and once you are finished reading, you will be equipped with the knowledge of spotting counterfeit Xanax bars and their harmful effects. Even though people are aware of the harmful effects and impure contents of the medicines they are buying from illegal drug dealers, they are still consuming them because they are much cheaper and easier to get. As a result, the number of overdoses after taking fake Xanax pills are increasing every day.

Counterfeit Xanax Bars

The drug sold under the name of Xanax is known as Alprazolam. This is one of the most commonly used benzodiazepines which can give numerous benefits to its consumer if used correctly. Of course, one of the advantages includes calming a person’s nerves who may have had a bad day or is going through depression. However, there is a large market of fake Xanax out there with the sole objective of producing pills in a certain way to make them look like Xanax bars. It should be noted that buying and consuming such pills can lead to devastating results which may be fatal.

What makes it dangerous? Instead of being manufactured with the drug, Alprazolam, the fake one are manufactured with a content known as Fentanyl. This is the main cause of the overdoses that occur following consumption of forged Xanax bars as fentanyl happens to be stronger than heroin and morphine. Some of the fake Xanax pills are Xanax g3722, Xanax bars gg249, fake Xanax 2mg, and Xanax r039. Now that you are aware of availability and outcomes of such medicines, be careful when making a purchase so you don’t become a victim of counterfeit Xanax. In case, you consume such pills then the following effects may be noticeable:

  • Your lips, face, and fingers will turn blue
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Nausea
  • You will not be able to breathe normally
  • Extensive sweating which might cause serious health issues
  • Myosis i.e. abnormal constriction of pupils
  • Red eyes
  • Limp body
  • A gurgling noise in your throat like you are dying
  • Convulsions meaning there may be sudden and irregular movement in your body

Adverse outcomes of using Fentanyl

As mentioned earlier, fentanyl is an opioid that happens to be more than 20 times stronger than heroin and over 100 times lethal than morphine. So, it isn’t difficult to understand how dangerous and harmful it would be if someone consumes a significant dose. People who are taking this drug may go into a coma and die as a result. Other aftermaths include losing consciousness, heart attacks, respiratory arrest, and respiratory depression.
This news is alarming for people who take drugs sold on the streets on a daily basis as they are full of fentanyl. No wonder that deaths by overdosing on fentanyl and fake Xanax bars have increased in numbers over the past years. Consumption may not always lead to fatal outcomes but may cause permanent damage to your body and its organs. The fact that fentanyl is highly dangerous for the human body and counterfeit Xanax bars are laced with it makes such medicines unsafe for consumption. Therefore, if you don’t want to be in the long list of people found dead due to overdosing and want to live a long healthy life then stay away from these drugs.

Escaping fatalities caused by counterfeit Xanax

Who among us is so talented and filled with valuable information that they can spot a fake drug on the street? Maybe some of us are but most of us aren’t. Since spotting counterfeit Xanax is a hard task, it is recommended that you only buy Xanax prescribed to you by your physician. Moreover, don’t buy your medication from any local store who is operating without a license or a drug dealer walking on the street. These are the providers who simply cannot be trusted. Even if you are a bit short on cash, don’t fall to the idea of cheap 2mg Xanax bars because they are believed to contain high amounts of fentanyl which can kill you. Shortage of money on a bad is no reason to die. It is often advised that one should avoid consuming Xanax at all and find another way around their depression as people can easily develop an addiction and continue taking it after the completion of the course of their treatment.


Drugs manufactured secretly in underground labs by drug dealers can kill you because of the dangerous ingredients used in making them. Buying fake alprazolam thinking that it is more affordable and give better effects is not a wise decision. Therefore, avoid all kinds of drugs being sold on the street and only buy them from a xanaxonlineforsale.com online xanax trusted pharmacy.