Getting High on Xanax bars

Many people have suffered from anxiety due to various reasons including stressing out about something important or even something random. Nowadays, it is one of the most common and discussed topics that are related to mental illnesses. While there are many public figures who have come forward to tell their story about how they fought through their anxiety disorders, there are about forty million Americans with different stories of their own. A lot of times it was found that for some people anxiety disorders were a constant thing from a very young age but because back then it was not taken as seriously, no significant steps were taken.

Throughout a person’s life, there are several distinct indications given by their brain or health conditions that he/she has anxiety. Only a few people are able to overcome this condition while others resort to more pharmaceutical methods for treatment. There is a class of drug called benzodiazepines that are extensively used and popular for treating anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias.

Alprazolam is one form of benzodiazepine that is sold worldwide at pharmacies under the brand name, Xanax. It may prove beneficial at times but people may find it addictive when taken without prescription and their dependence on this drug may increase over time.

How Does Prescribed Xanax work?

There are people for whom anxiety disorders are a temporary thing and hinder their performance in work or effects their relationships. What’s wrong with such people? To sum it all up, it is believed that a chemical imbalance in an individual’s brain is what makes them do things as they do and feel feelings that they do. Alprazolam used in Xanax acts as an anti-depressant on your nervous system and alters the course of GABA, a chemical in your brain that in turn gives the consumer a sense of relaxation. It should be noted that lower doses lead to mild impairment while higher doses can make a person go into a coma or lose consciousness.

Xanax is usually prescribed by physicians to individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression. Initially, treatment begins at lower doses of 0.25mg and 0.5mg that must be taken three times in a single day. After a thorough consultation, doctors aim to prescribe a dose as low as possible in the beginning so that a person doesn’t become dependent. 0.4mg is the highest dose that a physician can recommend and consumption is divided into equal doses for a day. Xanax is a very addictive drug to which people are known to become addicted if they have been consuming higher doses or if their course of treatment has lasted a very long time. Before you rush to the nearest pharmacy to grab a pill, consult your doctor so he may prescribe what is right for you.

As mentioned above, 2mg Xanax bars can alter a person’s state of mind. Therefore, one shouldn’t indulge in activities such as driving or handling machinery as they require you to be completely present mentally. One should avoid drinking alcohol with Xanax as results can be fatal and unsafe. Pregnant women are also advised to not consume Xanax as outcomes can hazardous for the unborn child as well as the host. This also includes mothers who are breastfeeding their child as they may become prone to withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, if someone is consuming other medicines such as antibiotics then they should also avoid Xanax as it can harm your metabolism.

Time taken by Xanax to work

How long does it take before effects are noticeable? When consumed, Alprazolam mixes with the blood and takes less than an hour before a person can feel the effects. The higher the dose, the more quickly the effects will take place. However, a person can develop a tolerance if Xanax is consumed for a long time that will weaken the effects and increase the time taken by Xanax to work.

How long does it take before the effects wear off? Each one of us has a different metabolism. For some people, it will take eleven hours for half of the effects to wear off and some can take even twenty-six hours. This time duration varies from one person to another. While it takes two to four days for the drug to completely leave the body, the effects will wear off much sooner.

Adverse effects of Xanax

Xanax is beneficial for people going through hard times as it helps them to overcome anxiety and depression while feeling a sense of relief for a certain period of time. However, there are some unexpected effects of Xanax as well that may not be as good as the benefits. It can also cause low blood pressures, low heart rates, drowsiness, disturbed vision, headaches, seizures, impotence, rash, dry mouth, and other unpleasant effects. New users who take higher doses or mix it with alcohol and marijuana are likely to blackout after consumption. One may not feel like they are in control of their actions and various dangerous, as well as aggressive activities, may follow.

Due to the fact that prolonged treatment via Xanax can make a person develop tolerance, they may increase the doses and a time may come when they are so dependent on the drug that their body cannot function regularly without it. Being under the influence of such high doses, the outcomes may be fatal and people are also known to commit illegal activities. If someone thinks they have become addictive to the drug, they should immediately seek help to avoid any adverse effects.

Required Doses

The correct amount of drug needed to get high and feel better depends on the person’s height and weight, metabolism, tolerance to benzodiazepines, state of mind, and severity of symptoms. New users can get high on lower doses while old ones may require to increase the dose over time.


Safe Use of Xanax

Only people who are under constant medical supervision should be provided with regular prescription of Xanax as consuming it for even a short period of time can lead to addiction. People who have a past of drug and alcohol abuse tend to develop an addiction to alprazolam much sooner than others. It is no secret that people who are prescribed higher doses are likely to become addictive as well. Your health is negatively affected when you develop a dependence on Xanax and it may life-threatening. In case a person stops taking Xanax following symptoms may follow:

  • Tremors
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Muscle cramps
  • Abdominal pain

The gravity of these symptoms depends on the dose taken and how long has one abused the drug.  These symptoms occur often when doses are reduced or consumption is stopped suddenly. To go through a safe and well-managed course of treatment be honest with your doctor about your past with drugs and alcohol. Thoroughly inform them of your pregnancy as well as breastfeeding methods. Inform your physician of any known allergies as well as a family history of drug abuse. However, withdrawal symptoms and other adverse results still occur sometimes even though you have followed your doctor’s advice. Therefore, one should avoid consuming Xanax altogether and find other healthy methods to overcome anxiety disorders.


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