How Much Xanax 2mg Should I Take for Social Anxiety? |

Alprazolam, famous as Xanax is one of the most used benzodiazepines which work best against panic disorder. But it is also helpful against social anxiety disorder or social phobia, which is a type of anxiety that is felt while dealing with other people and fear of new social setups and situations. Although Xanax was approved for anxiety and panic attacks at first, its fast-acting formula turned out extremely effective for social anxiety as well, which is often misdiagnosed as ‘shyness’ or ‘reserved nature’ of a person. Before you look for Xanax bars For Sale Online, it is necessary to determine how much dosage do you need. Here is how to determine Xanax dosage, for social anxiety.

Xanax for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) 

If a person is diagnosed with social phobia or social anxiety, the first medicinal option is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). But most people prefer to use benzodiazepines especially Xanax because it provides immediate benefits against anxiety symptoms. However, Xanax is not suitable for long-term use and only works well to calm a person in specific stressful situations. All benzos including Xanax relieve signs of anxiety and don’t treat anxiety itself. For a permanent effect, doctors often combine medicine with therapy i.e., psychotherapy. For a safe medicinal experience, buy Xanax from a reputed vendor such as and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder 

Anxiety shows up differently in every person and social anxiety symptoms are highly specific as to fears, phobias and issues that a person is dealing with. There are so many signs associated with social anxiety disorder, most common of which are;

Feeling of Fear: the news of any social event or gathering may give you an intense fear and loathing, secretly hoping to run away and hide somewhere. Socially anxious hate to go in public, even for grocery, and other essentials but the intensity of this fear differs in every patient.

Physical signs: social anxiety also shows up like pounding heart, inability to breathe, palpitations, shaking, nausea and stomach distress, which are common in all anxiety disorders.

Self-hatred: It is also possible for socially anxious people to feel that everyone around them is watching them and judging them. This scrutiny that they feel may lead them to develop self-hatred, which sometimes tempts suicidal thoughts.

How does Xanax Help a User?

Xanax relieves physical and mental signs of anxiety that are common in social anxiety disorder. It relieves the user by binding to Gaba receptors inside the brain and slows down the neuron activity. This binding results in reducing fear, sadness, stress and related signs, leaving its user relaxed and sleepy. These effects last for nearly 11 hours but those who are new to Xanax may feel these effects for a longer time.

How Much Xanax is Sufficient for SAD?

Xanax is only prescribed for a few weeks and most people get better with 2mg to 4mg dose per day. These pills are orally consumed with water. In most cases, doctors recommend a low dose and gradually increase the dosage according to the effects. Based on the frequency and severity of social anxiety symptoms, this daily dosage can be divided into various smaller doses. If you are interested to use Xanax, look for vendors having Xanax 2mg Bars For Sale. Increase this dosage if 2mg feels too less to relieve the symptoms.

Is Xanax Safe for All Users?

The safe dosage of Xanax is least likely to cause side effects in any user. But those who are hypersensitive to benzos or have acute narrow-angle glaucoma should avoid taking it on their own. Additionally, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should also avoid taking Xanax or any other anxiety medicine. Remember, all these medicines are designed for adult users only and aren’t suitable for under 18 people.

Doctors also recommend not to use Xanax, if you have liver or kidney diseases. All medicines and supplements are processed and excreted by these two organs, and if there is an underlying issue, Xanax or any other medicine may start building up inside the body, leading to overdosing or extreme side effects.

Can You Buy Xanax Available Online?

Xanax is easily available at all leading pharmacies but it is not available anywhere without a prescription. Yet there are some online vendors with Xanax 2mg bars for sale with doorstep delivery. The only risk to buy Xanax online is the selection of the vendor. Never trust a shady seller and always buy Xanax and other medicines from a reputed vendor such as

Undesirable Effects of Using Xanax 

There are many things that affect the Xanax experience, but understanding the nature of medicine, dosage planning and frequency of usage can help to overcome these risks. Most sellers with Xanax bars for sale online share instructions to use and warnings regarding medicine safety. If you are not clear about using Xanax, talk to your doctor and clear the confusion.

What If Xanax Doesn’t Help You?

Although it is uncommon if Xanax doesn’t work on you or stops working on you after some time, instead of increasing the dosage on your own, talk to your doctor first. When a medicine isn’t showing any effects, it means either the dosage of the choice of medicine is not helpful. Your doctor is most likely to change the dosage first if there are no effects at all. But if the medicine shows undesirable effects or doesn’t work, despite increasing the dosage, the doctor will change the medicine and prescribe an alternative for Xanax.

Xanax is not a complete treatment but a small part of anxiety treatment which may include

cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, or any related therapy, decided by a doctor.