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Everyone face anxiety and panic disorder at some point in life. Whether it be because of an important test or job interview. But some people fight anxiety on regular basis, which prevents them from living a normal and healthy life.

Alprazolam, going under the trade name xanax, is a drug that is consumed for the treatment of short term anxiety and panic disorders. The dosage of xanax varies from patient to patient depending on how severe the condition and age of the patient.

The dosage of Xanax is usually prescribed after a complete medical checkup of the patient. The medical professionals take under consideration all the habits and routine of the patient. Especially if they consume alcohol or other drugs. After complete analysis they prescribe xanax.


In general, Xanax can be consumed thrice a day over a specified time. The medication is recommended for adults and older people and is forbidden for the people below the age of 18.

Patients suffering from anxiety and panic disorders are prescribed this medicine starting at the lowest dose of 0.25mg, to a maximum of 2mg per tablet. The average consumption of Xanax depends on whether the prescription requires immediate relief or slow impact of the medication.

As written above, the consumption of xanax is started at the lowest level and after some time slowly the consumption is increased at a rate which does not exceed 1mg per day with monitoring the patient every 3 to 4 days until the desired and appropriate dosage level is reached. The stepwise procedure of slowly increasing the dosage of xanax is called titration.

Once we know the level of the dosage, the treatment is continued for months. Clinical studies shows that the effectiveness of Xanax is limited to 8 months for panic disorder cases and 4 months for anxiety disorder cases. After this specific period of time, effectiveness starts declining.

It is recommended that when you are reducing the dosage, you should take it slow just like the initial stage. Reduce 0.5 mg dosage in every 3 to 5 days. If the medication has been taken for a long time and dependence has formed, there may be withdrawal symptoms which might be dissimilar form the original anxiety being treated.


When the patient requires a long term relief and is titrated to the desired level, low doses are recommended to them. 0.25 mg is the lowest dose available as most drug preparations start at 0.25 mg per tablet.

The safe medication dose is recommended to be no more than 10mg per day. Anything above this level may have contradictory effects including nervousness, heightened anxiety and shivering. If after titrating the dosage to this maximum level the patient does not feel relieved, the dosage is titrated downwards and gradually discontinued.

Overdose of Xanax may vary from person to person but taking anything above the recommended 10mg per day may be considered an overdose and will potentially lead to overdose symptoms. The destructive dosage of Xanax depends on how much Xanax is being consumed on regular basis and whether any other substance is involved or not. For instance, Xanax with alcohol can lead to respiratory arrest and death.


Dosage by Age: The average consumption of Xanax can be determined by age. It is forbidden for the people below 18, however adults and golden-ager may consume Xanax at different amounts and frequencies. Adult may consume 0.25mg to 0.5mg up to three times a day. The maximum measure depending on the condition varies from 4mg/day up to 10mg/day. Golden-agers may take 0.25mg ideally 2-3 times daily. Debilitated patients consume the same dosage as golden agers.

Dosage by Condition: The condition of the patient being treated also impacts the amount prescribed. Treating adults with an anxiety disorder requires 0.25-0.5mg consumed orally and given 3 times a day up to a maximum level of 4mg. Adult panic disorder cases require 0.5mg orally 3 times daily. Golden-age patients with either an anxiety disorder or a panic disorder will typically be prescribed the same measure of 0.25mg consumed orally and regulated 2-3 times daily. Generally, in both cases, titration is required to achieve the correct dosage of alprazolam.


Occasional use:

Occasional use depends in whether the medicine is prescribed by the doctor or is a recreational setting. Occasional use under prescription may not be harmful especially when regulated in low quantities. However, a Xanax recreational dose taken occasionally may lead to tolerance, following dependence.

Other dangers related to occasional use include side effects such as paradoxical anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia, quivering and addiction. Titration is often needed for correct dosage, non-medical settings can also lead to an overdose of Xanax.

Preventative use:

Taking a Xanax dosage for sleep may be considered as preventative dosage especially of insomnia is expected to occur. However, the prevention dosage can lead to dependence if not monitored. A person consuming the pills regularly may increase the dose beyond healthy levels unknowingly, a dangerous situation that could lead to alarming consequences. Preventative use is however recommended in cases where a person experiences certain trigger events that set off a panic or anxiety attack. In such cases, the administration is appropriate but only under medical supervision.


Xanax was the 12th most prescribed medicine in United Stated in the year 2010. The reason being easy availability and mild Xanax side effects. It became a popular drug among recreational users. The drug is in some cases used to manage the side effects of other illegitimate drugs including withdrawal symptoms and comedowns. Xanax addiction, however has become a widespread disease in United States. Those who are already consuming or are planning to consume Xanax, understanding its potency, should take certain precautions. Those with already formed addictions should be aware that treatment options are available that can get them off the drug safely.