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xanax street price
Xanax is a drug most commonly prescribed by physicians to patients suffering from panic attacks, anxiety disorders, depression, and mental illnesses. As famous it is for its benefits, it is important for individuals to be aware of various prices at which it is being sold at their local drugstores and the streets. The price of Xanax is not fixed but can be different depending upon the country you live in. Before we get into details, you must know what street price means. Street price refers to the actual retail price that is significantly lower than the price advertised and written in the catalog.
In the United States, a single 1mg pill of Xanax is available to the consumers at a price as low as $2 and as high as $10. Anyone who is a frequent user of the internet knows what deep web is and not everyone can access it. However, there is also a market for Xanax on the deep web where the medication is available in all kinds of doses as per the customer’s requirements. Moreover, the prices of Xanax at such platforms are very reasonable for an average person. Alprazolam is the drug which is sold under the brand name of Xanax and it can be bought for five hundred Xanax bars at a price of $50 which is not that much.

Buying Xanax without prescription

This is a question frequently asked by people who cannot afford to see a physician in order to get a written prescription for their medication. It should be noted that purchasing Xanax without any prescription is illegal and you can be charged by the law for such a crime. Moreover, the sellers of Xanax must also be aware that if they are selling them without prescription then they are most likely to be imprisoned for over ten years. In addition, one can never figure out whether the Xanax they bought illegally contains the right amount of Alprazolam deeming it to be safe for consumption. Therefore, people are known to be found unconscious and likely dead as a result of overdosing on these pills sold on the black market. It is highly recommended that you purchase Xanax from a licensed pharmacy and only when it is prescribed to you by a doctor.

Price of Xanax on the street

While Xanax has its numerous benefits, it can also become addictive and people who develop an addiction for Xanax may suffer from serious withdrawal issues. The demand for Xanax is increasing every day and almost all the pharmacies in the world have a stock full of these pills. However, there is also a black market for Xanax all over the United States, Europe and other parts of the world where it is sold at much cheaper rates without any prescription. The price they are offering has not seemed much change over the last ten to twenty years but it is expected to fall even further in the upcoming years.
As you know, the price of any good is determined by the market forces of demand and supply. The higher the demand, the higher the price. The higher the supply, the lower the price. Same is the case with Xanax dealers. Some areas of the world tend to have a lot of suppliers of Xanax so the price is lower. In some parts of the world such as Europe, there are several people who are addicted to Xanax bars but only a handful of suppliers so the prices are much higher.
The rate list of Xanax sold on the street is as follows;

  • A pill of 1mg is sold for $2
  • A pill of 2mg is sold for $4.5
  • A single bar of Xanax is sold for $6

Price of Xanax on the streets of  US

Here we will discuss the various prices of Xanax of different doses in different cities of the United States. Texas is the second largest state of America and here the prices of Xanax on the street used to be very low back in 2010. Two pills of 2mg each could be bought for $5 but recent economic conditions have forced the prices to rise and now it is comparatively higher. buy xanax 2mg bars is now available at a price of $6. The price of this medication in South Carolina is $7 for a single 2mg pill.
Citizens of Michigan can buy this drug from street dealers for $3 per 0.5mg while on the west coast prices can be as higher as $7. On the east coast, dealers are selling a 1mg and 2mg pill for $2 and $4, respectively. This area is full of addicts who don’t care what it costs so they have no trouble in paying even $20 for a single 2mg pill. Philadelphia happens to be the biggest city in the state of Pennsylvania with a very large population. Here, addicts can obtain a 2mg pill of Xanax for $5. It should be noted that in New England the prices are much higher as a 1mg pill is sold for $10.

Prices of Xanax on Dark web

For those of you who don’t know what the deep web is, it is a part of the web where all forms of illegal activities are carried out, that is hidden and inaccessible via your regular search engines.  The prices are very reasonable and a single Xanax bar can be bought for just $3. Moreover, if an addict is interested in making their own pills or bars, then they can also buy Alprazolam at very affordable prices to make their own medication. It should be noted that prices on the deep web are prone to changes very quickly while the prices offered on the streets are more stable.

The law

According to the law, an individual found in possession of equipment and material required to make Xanax pills will get ten years of imprisonment. Five more years will be added if they intend to continue with their work and it may turn into a life sentence.